Ci7xxx – Benchtop Spectrophotometers

the highest accuracy and repeatability for precise color measurement and quality control across the supply chain. They are used for standard creation, color formulation, and quality control

Features & Benefits
Offers best-in-class inter-instrument agreement and repeatability for the most consistent and accurate results
Offers UV illumination to measure samples with optical brightening agents
Unprecedented audit trail includes device condition, sample image, and measurement parameters for each sample at the time of measurement
Switchable aperture plates to measure a wide range of sample sizes
Embedded NetProfiler status verifies the device is in a calibrated and optimized state
Multiple connection ports enable connections via USB cable or ethernet


Offers ≤0.08 dE* inter-instrument agreement and ≤0.01 dE*repeatability

Provides measurement flexibility with switchable reflectance and optional transmission apertures

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