Years of Incorporation

We are proud to be the leading supplier in textile/garment testing in Vietnam.

Thach Anh Vang, established in January 2007, represents leading manufacturers from the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Taiwan,…; specializes in testing equipment, laboratory supplies, machinery and accessories for the Textile, Dyeing, and Leather industries…

Thach Anh Vang is aiming for continuous growth through providing comprehensive solutions and perfect services.

Sustainable partnership with leading manufacturers

Knowledge sharing

Update the latest knowledge and advance technology

Dedicated staff

Business lines

Test Materials

Test Instrument

Dyeing and Finishing

Calibration & Maintenance Services

Parts & Accessories


With hundreds of customers stretching from the North to the South, expanding through the markets of Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia,… we are proud to be the leading supplier in our field in Vietnam.


Thach Anh Vang is proud to be a leader in the Textile/Garment Testing area with ISO 17025 accreditation.