Reasons for Selecting your Professional Calibration Service Provider

  1. ACCREDITATION. There are many calibration service providers in the market. However, calibration and verification is specialized services that requires special license and accredtation. In Vietnam, accredited units are granted unique VILAS number that are public on BOA website.
  2. AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE PARTNER. To be capable for service, calibration and adjustment, it is compulsary to attend professional training and provided with ‘Service Kit’ to access to adjustment mode of X-rite, James Heal, Miele,… equipment.
  3. KNOWLEDGE OF STANDARDS, APPLICATION, TEST METHODS. In Textile Garment Industry, each Buyer (Retailer), each market, each Test Method have different requirements that only expertise in the same industry may know well.
  4. CAPABILITY TO ASSESS ACCURACY – STABILITY – REPEATABIITY and ADJUSTMENT. Measurement and providing results are not complicated. However, ONLY FEW service providers is capable to conclude on Accuracy- Stability – Repeatability of testing equipment; VERY FEW service providers is capable to ADJUST once testing instrument is out of tolerance.
  5. REPUTION of SERVICE PROVIDER. Last but not Least, all service providers can provide Calibration Stamps and Certificates. Only its Reputation and Reliability are the TRUE Service and Values received on each equpment at every Certification Audit.