What’s the difference between regular detergent and high-efficiency detergent?

HE washers use 20 to 66% less water than traditional machines, according to the American Cleaning Institute. They are also much smarter than traditional washers-they sense and adjust the wash cycle as needed to remove soils and rinse out detergent. If an HE washer senses a highlevel of suds, it may use additional water (and time!) to rinse that detergent away. Traditional detergents were formulated to give great cleaning power in traditional washers, but in the low water of HE washers, they can create too many suds.
Additionally, not all HE detergents are created equally! Today, even some “safe for both” detergents cause enough suds to require extra rinsing from HE washers. Using less detergent may not reduce the suds and can lead to poor cleaning.So it’s important to know what to look for.